Cherokee historical Territorial Claim Boundry
Cherokee Territorial Claims

Trail of Tears Documentory

Cherokee Historical Timeline

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Learning Links

Cherokee Culture & Beliefs

The Cherokee Gods and Their Abiding Places
Color  Symbolism
Importance Attached to Names
Character of the Formulas - The Cherokee Religion
The Origin of Disease and Medicine
Medical Practice
Selected List of Plants Used
Shamans and White Physicians
Medicine Dances
Ceremonies for Gathering Plants and Preparing Medicine
Four Wind Messengers
Local Legends Of Georgia
Cherokee Cultural Tidbits
The Three Sisters Cookbook
Gathering of Nations
This Day In North American Indian History
Native American Times Online News

Cherokee Language Lessons & Links

History of The Cherokee Language
Cherokee Syllabary
Animal Dictionary
Cherokee Language
First Cherokee Lesson
Second Cherokee Lesson
Third Cherokee Lesson
Fourth Cherokee Lesson
Fifth Cherokee Lesson
Sixth Cherokee Lesson
Cherokee (Tsalagi)
Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center
White Dove's Cherokee Dictionary
Languages on the Web
Cherokee Language and the Cherokee Indian Culture
Raven's Tsalagi Resources
American Indian Radio on Satellite

Cherokee Organizations, Councils, Societies,Etc.

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Nation Oklahoma
Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston
Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns
Florida Governors Council on Indian Affairs
South Carolina Indian Affairs
Alabama Indian Affairs Commission
Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole Nation
Native American Public Telecommunications
Eastern Cherokee Southern Iroquois And United Tribes
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Georgia Trail of Tears Association
National Trail of Tears Association
First Families of the Cherokee Nation
Georgia's Recognition of Native American Indians

Cherokee Historical Links    

Cherokee Territorial Claims
Cherokee Historical Timeline
Trail of Tears and Indian Remove Act
Seven Clans of the Cherokee Nation
American Indians in Georgia
Roadside Georgia - Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Indians in Georgia
Cherokee in North Georgia:A Nation's History
500 Nations Native American Supersite
Cherokee in Georgia: A Nation's History, Part II
Cherokee in Georgia:A Nation's History, Part III

History of the Cherokee
Cherokee Indians (1650 - 1838)
Cherokee History
Cherokee History, by Ken Martin
Native Web
North Georgia History
Museum of The Cherokee Indian
Cherokee History/Treaties/Laws/Museums/Tour Links
All Things Cherokee
Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Indian Web Links (MSN Groups)
Cherokee &  Native American Links
History of the Cherokee Indians
The Cherokee Companion Links Page
McClung Museum
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Chickamauga Cherokee Indians
Cherokee and Native American Links
Cherokee Renaissance and Removal - New Echota and Georgia
Cherokee History
The World's Largest Online Library
Chronicles of Oklahoma, Eastern Cherokee Chiefs
Where The Indians Lived
Native Americans in North Georgia

Genealogical Links

Guide To Genealogical Sources
US GenWebProject
Eastern Cherokee's Census Rolls 1851 Chapman 1851 Siler
Cherokee Census Rolls
Cherokee Genealogy

Tennessee State Library and Archives
NC Cherokee Reservation Genealogy
Tyner Cherokee Rolls
Final (Dawes) Roll Index
Cherokee Genealogy Culture and Native American Activist Pages
Cherokee Research Assistance Service
Census Links
Cyndi's List
List of Indian Rolls Available on Microfilm at the National Archives
Native American Indian Rolls
Native American Genealogy
Southeastern American Indian Research
Cherokee Lineages

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Other Informational Websites

University of Georgia - Carl Vinson Institute of Government
Conquest Trails thru America
Great White Owls Lodge
Specific Tribes
Stonee's Native Links
The Cherokees For Educators
People's Paths Site Index
The Official Cherokee Nations Links Page
Indian Country Today
Chronicles of Oklahoma

Survival Techniques

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