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In Memory of Rev. Robert Bushyhead, of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, resident of the Qualla Boundary.  One of the last great speakers of the Cherokee language and historian.  Loved by all.


Carmaleta Montieth, the first Chairman of the Georgia Commission of Indian Affairs.  Retired now and living in Cherokee, NC.  A member of the Eastern Band.  Still a hard worker in native affairs, especially active with the NAIWA, (Native American Indian Women's Association).

Eddie Bushyhead, son of Robert Bushyhead, now Director of Cultural affairs of the Eastern Band, a good friend of Georgia Cherokees, and a tireless worker in keeping the culture and history alive.

Walker Calhoun, of Cherokee, NC.  Winner of the National endowments of the Arts Medal for his keeping the ways and Dances alive among the Cherokee People.

Pat Sneed, a resident of the Qualla Boundary, a relative of the Executive Director of GTEC and member of the Eastern Band, born in 1908, 95 years old, and still going strong.

Paul Thomas, Chief Elder, Cherokee Nation, Tahlaquah, OK, Chief of the Elders Society, loved by all.

The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee is recognized by the following:

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Nation

The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians

The Cherokees of California, Inc.

Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee

South Carolina Indians - The Cherokee

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