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Wilson Lumpkin

A native of Virginia, Wilson Lumpkin was born on January 14, 1783 in Pennsylvania County.  At one year of age his parents took him and moved to Georgia where he later became a Senator.  While Senator, he and Forsyth prevailed upon President Adams to send Col. Hugh Montgomery as agent in 1828, charged to effect a removal party if at all possible.  He was elected Governor of Georgia in 1831 and disagreed with Chief Justice John Marshall in the case of Worchester vs Georgia, which was to be a great triumph of the Cherokees.  Lumpkin himself vowed to meet the verdict with "determination resistance" and was very secure in the support of President Jackson.  Governor Lumpkin requested the U.S. enrolling agent to "assure Treaty party members state protection under any circumstances."  He dedicated much of his career to removing the Cherokees from Georgia.

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